Woofdesk can,

Digitize and Automate Workflows

Allow your company employees to handle the office tasks and documents efficiently online. Your employees can even work from home using Woofdesk Workflow Automation software.

Woofdesk can tailor make your company workflows and allow the staff members and your customers to interact online without meeting physically. Majority of the company tasks will be able to handle entirely online, A to Z.

How Woofdesk can

Transform my business to online

Almost every process running on your company can be modelled to an online workflow process. These processes can have many employees involved and may have many paths and outcomes. Woofdesk team will model and implement these workflow processes into online workflow processes.

Once the processes are modeled online, your employees will be given individual credentials to access your company's relevant processes. The employees will accept information, process or transform them, and forward them to the next employee/employees who are responsible to move forward with the task or it could transfer back to relevant employees for corrections.

At the end of the process, the process will be either in a Accepted/Completed status or Rejected/Cancelled status.

Main features of Woofdesk

  • Model company process to online workflows
  • Ability for multiple users to work in a single workflow
  • Unlimited tailor-made workflows
  • Working pool concept
  • User role based visibility management
  • Attach images/word or pdf documents to the workflow
  • 3rd party API invocation
  • Video calling within employees
  • Cloud based solution - no need to maintain servers

High efficiency

By transferring documents/forms online, the information transformation is quick, easy and efficient.
It will also encourage paperless behaviour and your operational costs will also be low.

Great insights

Company management will have a birds eye view of your company's operations and KPIs of individual users.
Process status and time inspection will be used to renovate the processes and identify bottlnecks.


Woofdesk can implement new workflows or make modifications to existing workflows when new functionality is required.
By operating in cloud, Woofdesk team will be able to do updates online too.


Woofdesk can communicate with 3rd party softwares such as SAP® and make triggers or communication.
This will enable you to make use of variety of other softwares, side by side with the software.

Low cost

We have low cost plans for small companies. The infrastructure maintenance cost is beared by us.
With minimal paper and printer usage and free (*) online storage, the running cost of your company will be low.

Easy communication

Utilize the online video calling package which can be utilize to make audio and video call within the employees and your customers.
Schedule a meeting, join with other users to make the meeting productive and interesting.

Pricing plan

Pick what's best suited for you

  • Free software consultancy
  • USD 10 per month per user per workflow
  • USD 150 setup fee
  • Unlimited users
  • 2 workflows
  • 5GB FREE storage
  • Free software consultancy
  • USD 50/month for 1st 10 users
  • USD 5/user/month for additional users
  • USD 1,500 setup fee
  • Unlimited users
  • 10 workflows
  • 10GB FREE storage
Enterprise (50+ users)
  • Contact us for an offer

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